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Oral disease is Nepal’s most prevalent childhood disease,
exceeding malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency.
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Each year, 300,000 youth leave Nepal to do menial labor in nearby
countries. Many are the first educated people in their families.
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We believe big problems can be addressed simply:
by creating spaces where ready solutions come to life.
When people have strategic clarity, excellent support,
and the freedom to innovate…anything is possible.

Jevaia Oral Health Care establishes sustainable dental care in rural villages.  Our comprehensive rural dentistry program is entirely community-based.


9 Rural Clinics

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70 School 

Brushing Programs


60,000 People

Our 15 Annual, Thanksgiving Day



Thank you to Natural Dentist Associates for headlining this year’s race, which had the biggest turnout ever, despite an epic windstorm that blew our entire metal-frame canopy (which was staked in to the ground) CLEAR DOWN THE STREET! With an appearance by our local councilman Andrew Friedson, many business team participants, pre-race yoga by The Mindfulness Center and a blowout crowd of R2R fans, we couldn’t have asked for a better morning.

Thank you to the many people all over the world who supported our small community organization after the April 25, 2015 earthquake in Nepal that took over 9,000 lives. The epicenter in Western Gorkha was only about fifty miles from us in Pokhara, and this spring, we used your gifts to take on a major transitional housing project.  It was one of the most uplifting experiences our staff has had in over a decade of community work.


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Between May and July, Eva Nepal helped create transitional-to-long term housing for 179 families, housing about 900 people.  Our founder Laura documented this incredible experience on her blog,

You can now find a full report on our housing projects, including sample stories, lessons learned and recommendations for other agencies large and small.  As thousands of organizations and ideas flooded Nepal this spring, Eva Nepal chose to go with our strengths: a human-centered approach to housing that focused on relationships, community mobilization, and empower-ing residents with responsibility for the outcome. But not with out some bumps along the way…no lessons come easy, after all!  Read our story here (from the bottom up).

From the bottom of our hearts, and from nearly 1000 people with roofs over their heads this summer, THANK YOU to our Eva Nepal family for gifting us with $23,000 in Earthquake Relief funding, and for entrusting us with this important work in the place we love.


Past Programs

Over the years, Jevaia (formerly Eva Nepal) has conducted other in-depth programs that create opportunities in health and education for rural Nepalis.


Gaky’s Light Fellows combine education and professional skills with innovation in their home communities.

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Integrative Manual Therapy is a gentle, hands-on treatment that can be used in homes or modest clinical settings to help with a wide range of health problems. 


Eva Nepal is now Jevaia Foundation

Over the past eight years, Eva Nepal has deepened its mission and connection to the culture of Nepal.  This year, as we move to a new office, expand our staff, and bring our focus in to rural health care, we are changing our name too. We’re still the Eva you know – but with a renewed sense of identity.

About Name

Jevaia Oral Health Care (formerly Kaski Oral Health) featured in the Washington Post Magazine (September, 2013).

Jevaia International
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