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Jevaia Oral Health Care

JOHC, our flagship program, establishes sustainable, community-based dental care in rural Nepal, one village at a time. Each replication is implemented by a team of three local residents and handed over to the community after two years.  JOHC is the only comprehensive rural dentistry program in Nepal.


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Gaky’s Light Fellowship

Gaky’s Light is a higher education fellowship that ran from 2006 – 2015, when our last group of youth graduated out of the program.  The GL Fellowship was offered annually to twelve teens who were the first literate generation in their families.  Fellows received scholarships to top universities in Pokhara, lived together in a community house, and met weekly for training in career skills, English language, technology, and journalism.  Our fellowship alumni community is over 30 strong.  LEARN MORE

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Eva Nepal’s newest initiative, HandOverMatter trains rural health workers and residents in Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT), a hands‐on treatment that can be used to address many of rural Nepal’s most common health problems: gastrointestinal illness, fevers and colds, and basic maternal and infant health. The Handovermatter blog is also a place for therapists to share resources stories about using manual therapy across cultures.