Gaky’s Light Fellowship

Gaky’s Light captures promising Nepali teens at the vulnerable juncture after high school, and supports them in attaining higher education, creating new ventures in their communities, and pursuing a variety of careers in Nepal.

Fellows receive a scholarship for a two-year post-secondary degree, during which they live together and participate in weekly technology, journalism, leadership, enterprise creation, and career development workshops.

Why Gaky’s Light?

In just one generation, Nepal has seen a huge rise in the number of educated youth raised in very poor communities. When the first literate teenagers in any family complete standard education in 10th grade, they face many financial and situational obstacles on the path that should lead from education to professional employment.

As a result, over 300,000 youth per year abandon the benefits of their education and leave Nepal to do menial labor nearby countries. While this offers young people an income and the experience of travel, their wages aren’t really enough to lift their families out of poverty back home. And the exodus of Nepal’s first widely educated generation is a tremendous loss to a nation that is still recovering from a ten-year civil war that ended in 2006.

Gaky’s Light Fellows learn to use higher education as a platform for exploration, enterprise creation, and income-generating professional, intellectual, and social contributions in their home country of Nepal.


Our curriculum has a two goals: to make fellows employable, and to empower them to be job creators. Through experiential learning with a focus on technology and the arts, fellows learn practical career skills such as resume writing and internet use, while practicing these skills expressively through the use of journalism and enterprise development. GL Fellows become imaginative, empathetic, informed and passionate risk-takers.

GL Curriculum

Community Partners

Alternatives Foundation

Alternatives Foundation is the implementing partner for the Gaky’s Light Fellowship.  It was founded for youth, by youth to promote entrepreneurship education.

Youth Journalism

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Youth Journalism International, based in Hartford, CT, mentors and publishes teen reporters from all over the world.  YJI’s cutting-edge website and blog cover daily global events through the eyes of youth in over 40 countries.